Chapter 001 is the first chapter of Nano List.

Appearing CharactersEdit

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While getting ready for school, Milo exclaims that the seventh victim was killed near Sue's place. San changes the subject and orders him to come by eleven (or face death) to celebrate his birthday at midnight. She is annoyed that a freshman has to stay out that late.

At school Milo and his friends discuss the Serial Android assault case as Sue expresses her fascination for the macabre and talks about being interviewed over the latest murder. She is rudely interrupted by June who asks her to return to her seat.

Later during the after class study June and Milo are the only ones left in the classroom. Milo realises that it is nearly eleven and remembers San's ultimatum. He nervously asks a belligerent June to close the classroom and dashes off. Milo is puzzled to find a hooded stranger at his door step, but the latter ignores him.

San brings the cake, and they talk about the present he is suppose to receive according to Dr. Ahn's letter. The eighth murder in the Serial Android assault case flashes on the TV as San proceeds to kiss Milo (despite his feeble protests) at the strike of midnight but they are interrupted by the doorbell. Milo is shocked to find a girl wearing a ribbon and opens the door. Nano introduces herself as the present for Milo Ahn.

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