Chapter 002 is the second chapter of Nano List.

Appearing CharactersEdit

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Nano introduces herself and becomes a part of the household.

The following morning, Milo accidentally breaks June's expensive cell phone while goofing around with his friends. He apologises and insists to buy him a new one. June losses his temper and curses Milo to everyone's shock. Throughout the day Milo is unable to find the opportunity to apologise properly. Later at night, he is surprised to find that Nano has come to pick him up. They are about to leave when he notices June heading towards a chauffeured car. He apologises and repeats his offer only to get told off again. On further persuasion June turns around and slaps him. Nano instinctively stops and slaps him in retribution. She is about to slap him again (because unlike Milo his nose had not bled yet!) but his bodyguard Android Alpha intervenes. In the fight that ensues, Nano effortlessly gains an upper hand and tells June that she is not done with him. 

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