Chapter 003 is the third chapter of Nano List.

Appearing Characters[edit | edit source]

Characters in bold & italics denote the character's first proper appearance.
Characters in only italics are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Milo lies that June is a friend to prevent Nano from hitting him again. June cringes at the remark but plays along out of fear for his life. Nano is unimpressed and briskly walks away. She remembers Dr Ahn's instructions to verify Milo's identity. So far Nano had performed a retinal, bone structure and finger print scan. As Milo catches up she decides to conduct the final test . For this she has to ensure that she is alone with Milo and beat him till he is barely alive. She apologises and asks him to not to die as she proceeds to assault him. Milo is horrified and reminded of the Serial Android assault case. To their shock, a machine emerges from his back and shoots out a powerful laser. At a distance, San wonders if it was a shooting star while holding an eyeball. She walks away from a battered Android.

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