San is shocked to see Milo's injuries and the weapon on his back. Before Milo can explain, she rips it off  leaving him teary. After nursing his wound (which surprisingly did not cause much pain) she demands an explanation from Nano. Nano narrates Dr. Ahn's instructions to beat "Milo" till a gift she has left for him pops out from his back to verify his identity and kill him if nothing happens. Milo is scandalised  and bemoans that normally you simply ask a person who they are. He suddenly wonders aloud if she was be an Android of such value that people would impersonate him to have her and asks her. Nano tells him that she is just a Bodyguard Adroid except that half her body is made of Nano Particles, something only his sister suceeded in creating and that the Company she was leased to for five years paid 1.2 Billion dollars. Milo is stunned as San enlists the possibilities that could be realised for that much money and scampers away. Once they are alone, San correctly guesses that Nano is a Millitary Android. They agree that Milo could not have handled the truth. Nano adds that she saw San earlier and figured she was an Android Assialant.

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