Milo asks San to come over to pay June for Alpha's repairs. However, after arriving at the school she demands evidence that Nano was responsible for the damage to Milo's chagrin. Alpha promptly produces a recording from his memory and the bill. June tells them that Alpha is the newest model from MSA and an expensive one he bought against the Android Assailant so the repairs were actually cheap. San jokes that they should consider selling Nano. They are being watched over by Crimson Vine through a school security guard Android. She is thoroghly frustrated with her task and exclaims that they should just sell Nano to them but knows that Chacha would tell her that the matter is above her pay grade. To make things interesting  she gains control of Alpha and is impressed that a model for sale is equipped with deadly taser guns. San pushes Milo aside as Alpha fires at him out of the blue. Crimson Vine decides to test San and directs Alpha to shoot taser wire towards Milo. San diverts the attack and swears to kill whoever is responsible.