San suspected that the Androids she had been destroying were being controlled by someone but is outraged that they attacked in broad daylight. She snaps the taser wire wroung around her wrist and asks Milo to step aside with his friend. Milo expresses his worry that a housemaid Android does not stand a chance. Everyone else is unconvinced that San is a mere housemaid Android. She knocks out Milo and June to prevent them from witnessing the violence that is about to ensue.

Milo wakes up to a jubliant San who tells him that June has waived off Alphs's repair bill. He believes San's explanation that Alpha had a software malfunction and became a grotesque mess. He carasses San's injured hand although she had dismissed it as scorched skin that is repairable. She is enamoured and proceeds to kiss him without paying heed to his half hearted protests. An embarrased June decides to give them space and bumps in Sue on the way out. She taunts him for being a showoff for owning a Bodyguard Android leaving him in pensive thought.

Later at night, San asks Nano if she could have a word with her.

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