San drags Nano out of bed for a midnight chat. She explains that lately random Androids were keeping an eye on Milo. She was following Dr. Ahn's orders to protect Milo to kill anyone or anything suspicious. Since the Androids lacked combat skills she dismissed them as petty thugs but was worried that an organisation or Company would be involved if those Androids were being controlled by another Android. Such things were frequent when Dr. Ahn was alive but now that she was no more there was nothing anyone could gain from Milo. She gauged their eyeballs to leave a mafia like warning but the stalking continued. The media dubbed it as the serial Android assault case causing Milo to believe that the culprit was derranged to her annoyance. He wondered whether it was a human or an Android and had asked San to be careful. Nano dissaproves of her method because it was obvious that the media would lap it up. San accuses Nano of being the reason they were being persued and is flummoxed when she candidly agrees. Milo wakes up because of the noise but the two Androids feign being sound asleep by the time he enters the room. He simply switches off the lights and leaves. San find's it cute that he believes everything but Nano is unimpressed. They agree to keep Milo's life as normal as possible.