It is revealed that Crimson Vine had abducted the slain man at knife point while he was on the phone with Chacha. She introduces herself and rips his stomach apart allowing the body to fall on Nano. San rushes at the door and is furious at her impunity. Crimson Vine admits controlling the Androids that were stalking Milo but adds that presently she had come just to deliver a 'gift' to Nano. San throws a punch but Soman blocks it effectively. She leaps back after sustaining bruises on her hand and notes that Crimson Vine is not the fighter type but her companion is strong. Crimson Vine asks Nano whether she liked her gift. She claims to have heard that they were close back in MSA and that she had almost threatened them to let him live after he retired. She warns Nano that unless she returns to MSA, Milo would meet the same fate. Crimson Vine proceeds to leave with Soman after declaring that she was relaying Chacha's message and tells San to back off if she wanted Milo return home safely.

Nano gets up calmly and asks Crimson Vine whether she knew who she just threatened. Crimson Vine tries to remind her of the consequences of acting recklessly as Soman shields her. However, in a fleeting moment Nano cripples Soman and repeats her question.