Chacha had told Crimson Vine that the mission was to simply make a delivery and provides her with a Bodyguard Android aswell. However, Crimson Vine is shocked to see how helpless Soman is against Nano and decides to flee but finds herself getting hit by Soman's dismembered arm. Nano crushes her finger as she tries to send more signals that enable her to control other Androids and drags her inside the House. She asks San to clear the scene and bring Soman. She proceeds to interogate Crimson Vine under the condition that she would slice off her fingers one by one if she lies, creates noise or attempts to escape.  After losing another finger, Crimson Vine explains that she hacks into other MSA Androids' control system and manipulates them by sending fake signals but since Nano and San were created by Dr. Maddie Ahn she could not do the same to them.  She reveals that Chacha had sent her to determine if Milo was a prodigy like his sister but they conclude that he was just an ordinary highschooler. She confesses that presently there were just two Androids keeping an eye on him: the security guard at his school and another one in the library where he is studying.

Crimson Vine fears that she could end up half crippled and decides to use whatever cards she has by sending signals to Soman and the Android at the library. The later reaches out for Milo from behind.