The Android watching over Milo at the library asks if she could speak with him for a moment.

At home, Soman suddenly gets up and throws a punch at San who dodges it. However, in the commotion Crimson Vine breaks through the window. Nano yells at her to stop but gets attacked by Soman. She dodges and immobilizes her but Crimson Vine states that she was just using her to buy some time for herself. Nano taunts her that they are on the eleventh floor but she jumps anyway because she has summoned two Androids to catch her. The impact breaks  their arms but Crimson Vine manages to limp away.  San returns wearing the gloves that  prevent her skin from getting peeled off. She is shocked to see the mess and learn that Crimson Vine is missing. 

Crimson Vine leaves in a car by gaining control of the Android driving it. The Android who had approached Milo in the library earlier has cornered him near the bicycle stands and is staring down at him . Crimson Vine reaches there and completes her sentence that there is nothing special about him even from that close.