Milo is restrained in by the Android who had approached him in the library and Crimson Vine. The  later warns him to figure out that Nano is not an average bodyguard Android if he wants to go about his life as usual. She realises that had she simply told Milo the truth from the start, he would have disowned Nano forcing her to return to MSA. She asks him whether he knew what the Nano Liist was.

At home, San is about to kill Soman in accordance with Dr. Ahn's orders but Nano stops her. Nano tells her that she needs Soman for something and reminds her that Milo's safety was the priority. San is about to rush to reach Milo but Nano suggests a faster way and calls Chacha. She threatens to kill everyone if Milo is hurt and demands to be left alone. She compares MSA to small town thugs and breaks the phone in rage.

Nano continues the conversation from a pay phone. Chacha assures her that Milo will be safe and she just wanted Nano to discipline the young Androids so she should go easy on her people too. Nano tells her to send someone to collect the Soman and the corpse. Chacha asks her if there is any reason for her to stay with Milo and sarcastically requests her to be reasonable by returning to MSA instead of causing harm to the civil society.

Crimson Vine tells Milo that Nano List is a software and Nano is the only Android to have it installed. She scoffs at Milo for not knowing the only time the Nano list was activated in the civil society five years ago when a lab in Gyeonggi-do exploded killing all the inhabitants and reducing a sixty acre land on a nearby mountain to ashes. She reveals that the Nano List had been set off because Nano witnessed his sister's suicide.