Chapter 016 is the sixteenth chapter of Nano List.

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Milo is confused that Nano was related to his sister's suicide. Crimson Vine assures him that she was not lying and that Nano is not an Android he can handle.

Nano returns home and is annoyed to discover that San went ahead to destroy Soman. San explains that orders are important to them and as a military Android she must have killed before. Nano does not reply.

Milo refuses to hear more and runs away. Crimson Vine tries to catch him but her companion stops her at Chacha's orders had been supervising the situation.

At the MSA headquarters, Chacha concludes the day. She muses that the Nano List is activated regardless of Nano's will when she receives extreme psychological stress so Maddie Ahn had aimed for it by killing herself right before Nano's eyes vaporising most data in the lab and herself, the most valuable resource. Chacha had hoped that Milo was special like his sister so she approached him carefully but he was just an ordinary high school student. She smiles that things according to her expectations and she prepares for the next battle.

Milo runs into Nano on the way back and gets dazed after recollecting whatever Crimson Vine had said earlier. Nano is relieved to find him safe.