Chacha is impressed that the preliminary test of the Nano List yeild accurate results as Nano manages to dissemble only the human bodies leaving the clothes and walls intact. Maddie thinks it was obvious that her calculations were exact and praises herself for it. However, after leaving the lab she wonders why she feels miserable even though the test was a success. She wonders if there was a flaw in the program but concludes that she is too brilliant for that. Chacha explains that although she may have witnessed seven to eight deaths at a go, the staggering figure during the preliminary test could have evoked sympathy. She compares it to kids who kill a few ants for delight but are disgusted when they kill thousands and dismiss it as a childhood whim when they grow up. Maddie reveals her sociopathic side by laughing it off and mocks her companion. Nano is the most powerful Android created by her. Normally she uses the Nano Machines in the hands only to strenghten and disentegrate but when the Nano List the ones in her entire body move in a precise manner to identify and dissemble the target after which they return back to her.

For the first test run Nano is sent to an oil reservior on a disputed territory. After losing her way to locate the facility and swearing at Chacha for being a nag she finds herself at gunpoint. She concludes that she is at the right place and commences her mission to wipe off everyone.