The self defense mechanism of the Nano List activates partially beacuse of the physical stress Nano experiences on being shot at. Nano destroys the weapons and kills some of the assailants before dodging past them. Her orders are to eliminate any obstacles and activate the Nano List only after reaching the target point because using it several times consumes too much energy. However, she is blocked by a muscular Android who threatens to kill her and starts blabbering in a foreign language. Nano is ten metres away from the target point but decides to set off the Nano List. Dr. Ahn continues to grumble about the heat but her colleague extends his hand to point out that they are too near to the expected range and finds his forearm hand covered in gashes.  She dismisses Chacha's contention that there was an error and predicts that Nano triggered the program after losing her temper. Every building including the factory facilities and the military base within the radius of 1.5 km were completely destroyed. 3000 armed soldiers, 250 employees and 32 nearby civilians were killed. The estimated cost of the damage was 940 million dollars. Chacha finds the sight magnificent but Maddie is unimpressed. Nano is capable of targeting exclusively and destroying desired substances. Unlike traditional weapons Nano is innocuous looking and more importantly she is an Android. It is believed that Androids are incapable of killing humans intentionally but Military Androids can destroy and massacre people repeatedly. Since their existence is a secret the field can not be regulated and official criticism is not possible. Nano is th strongest of the kind. Three months later Dr. Ahn is approached by Jung Kwon at the shooting range. He frantically asks her to stop Chacha. At the MSA headquarters Chacha is smiling and has a splatter of blood on her.