Chapter 020 is the twenth chapter of Nano List.

Appearing CharactersEdit

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Maddie confronts Chacha for trying to copy the Nano List on a tip off by Jung Kwon. Chacha denies the charge but is unable to decieve Maddie. She realizes there was a whistleblower since she killed the hackers who failed to do their job. Maddie mocks her for trying and demands an explanation.

Chacha claims that they had recieved 23 orders for the Nano List from almost all the countries that were involved in a territorial dispute after the test run. She suggests making more to earn trillions in revenue. Maddie is unconvinced that she betrayed their trust for money and asks for the real motive. Chacha confesses that she wants to rule over humans with the help of the Nano List  because she regards them as inferior. This infuriates Maddie who is possesive of Nano and the Nano List. She insults Chacha by calling her a tin-can robot who has forgotten her place. On her way home, wonders if she should not have created the Nano List but dismisses the guilt. Chacha calls to check if there are any Androids available because she would need them in a few days. She knows that Maddie is too precious to kill presently but decides to target her team mates. She is pleased to know that she has a younger brother who could serve as a perfect hostage.

Milo is sleeping peacefully when a suspicious Android sneaks through the window. San appears and smashes the Android in fury.