Chapter 021 is the twenty-first chapter of Nano List.

Appearing CharactersEdit

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San dislocates the head of the Android who was about to attack Milo. She coaxes Milo to go back to sleep but is alarmed when another Android creeps through the window. The Android fallen on the ground restrains her leg with a chain as the other one reaches out for Milo.

Milo suffers an injury on his back and is hospitalised. Maddie explains a guilt ridden San that there are Androids who can attack even if they are nearly destroyed and she would be helpless if MSA went all out. She recieves a phone call and learns that all her team mates were attacked although they had one or two bodyguard Androids protecting them. San asks her if she could withdraw from her profession. She answers in negative because she is too involved in the field.

Chacha presumes that Maddie has caved in but the latter wonders aloud if it would be best if Milo died because it was better than having him live off her money in a hospital only to get killed eventually and she was not sentimental as to cry over his death. She finds it tiresome that each time he gets attacked her house becomes a mess and San gets melodramatic even if he is slightly hurt. Chacha is annoyed and tells her that she could decide for herself. Maddie gets up furiously and accuses Chacha of trying to kill Milo. Chacha reveals her intention to keep him in a near dead condition and use him as a hostage. To her surprise, Maddie flatly refuses to cooperate.

Maddie reflects on the devastation caused during the trial run of the Nano List and questions her judgement as she watches over Milo who is lying in a hospital bed. She devises a plan to keep him safe and also ensure that Chacha does not get her hands on the Nano List. 

Nano shows up at Maddie's cabin and asks whether she wanted to see her.