Chapter 022 is the twenty-second chapter of Nano List.

Appearing CharactersEdit

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Dr. Ahn explains Nano that she can not do anything to Chacha otherwise the CEO of MSA will destroy their town so she will be getting rid of the Nano List Program by killing herself, the only person to recreate the program. Watching her die will exert a maximum level of stress and activate the Nano List which would destroy the computers containing the program data. Lastly, she instructs Nano, the only Android to contain the program to live with Milo as an ordinary Android.  Any attempts to delete the Nano List set it off and it's  defense mechanism protects Nano from physical threats like bullets and cannons compelling Dr. Ahn to take the drastic step. She also intends to send a message to Chacha that killing someone Nano cares about activates the Nano List and secures Milo's life.

Nano is frightened after listening to her creator's intentions to commit suicide. She threatens to do as she pleases and refuses to seek out Milo. Dr. Ahn sternly commands her to obey  her master's orders leaving her speechless. She regrets being cruel to Nano right till the end and pulls the trigger with a smile on her face. Nano is stunned and breaks down as her memories of the time they spent together flash before her. The Nano List is activated.