Chapter 023 is the twenty-third chapter of Nano List.

Appearing CharactersEdit

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Nano regains consciousness in the midst of debris and finds herself looking at Chacha who demands an explanation. She recollects Dr. Ahn's suicide as she comes to terms with her surroundings. She springs up and threatens Chacha to lay off Dr. Ahn's people. 

In the present, Nano confesses spending her five years with MSA demolishing buildings, destroying Androids and killing innumerable people. She breaks down and curses Dr. Ahn for abandoning her. She was ordered to protect Milo and live 'normally' so she refuses to divulge anything more.

Crimson Vine is escorted to a cab and instructed to return to  the MSA headquarters by her companion who introduces herself as Willow Lee. She assures a clueless Crimson Vine that she did her job well according to Chacha's plan. Willow Lee puts on a mask and proceeds to execute her part to kill San.

Inside the MSA building, Chacha swears to break down Milo's life step by step till Nano returns. 

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