Chapter 024 is the twenty-fourth chapter of Nano List.

Appearing CharactersEdit

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Willow Lee brandishes a pair of knives with electric wiring and rings the door bell. She introduces herself as the person MSA sent to collect the Soman and the corpse. San irritatingly(and abusively) points out that she can see through the interphone. Willow Lee calls to inform Chacha that she failed to ambush San leaving her clearly unimpressed. Further, she ends up fixing the damages her colleagues had caused. Nano returns home with Milo at sunrise as instructed and goes for a wash. Milo notices the nick on the floor caused by Nano when she stabbed one of Crimson Vine's fingers. He remembers Crimson Vine 's warning that Nano was not an Android that he could handle. He calls San aside to talk with her. The latter is worried that her master has discovered his sister was a military Android developer and that Nano was a military weapon. She is jubilant when the worst thing his imagination permitted was suspecting that Nano is the neighbourhood serial Android killer. She pines him down, and explains that Nano lacks the stealth(She is groping for a towel as they speak). She adds that even if that was the case she would have a reason since all Androids only serve their masters. After Milo leaves for school, the two Androids decide that he should not know about MSA or the military weapon field, and agree to stay by his side and observe. Nano volunteers to follow him when he is not home and San undertakes to train him to use some weapons. San barges into a Shark Loaner's office.