Chapter 027 is the twenty-seventh chapter of Nano List.

Appearing CharactersEdit

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Jungkyu Oh pats Chacha on the shoulder and walks out, Soman stands upside down on one finger to demonstrate the balance in her newly replaced arm and states that it is just as strong as the previous one. She reports that San was slower and weaker than her, and she would not lose if they were to fight but shivers at the thought of facing Nano. Chacha explains that she is not surprised that as a bodyguard Android, San is weaker than a special forces Android like Soman and knows that she needs a different plan to handle Nano. She leaves for a Board meeting although she hates humans because as an Android, she has to obey her master.

In the restroom, two men discuss about Chacha attending the Board meetings. One of them calls her junk after learning from the other that she has been by the chairman's side for decades. He praises the Chairman for being a great man who is sensitive to market changes and finds it unlikely that he would use an antique Android. They are startled when the Jungkyu Oh walks out from one of the cubicles behind them and bow down nervously. The Chairman recognises the one who praised him as the Vice President of MSA Chemistry and holds out his hand. However, he slaps him when the latter reaches out to shake hands.