Chapter 028 is the twenty-eighth chapter of Nano List.

Appearing CharactersEdit

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Jungkyu Oh continues to slap the Vice-President of MSA Chemistry division till Chacha tells him to stop and leave for the Board meeting. He smiles knowing that Chacha can not go against his orders although she hates him, and he finds it cute when she gets angry and hits him. His parents had entrusted him to her since he was an infant. Chacha meant the world to him because she was like his mother, wife, child, property, authority and future.

At night, Chacha fumes and finds attending Board meetings pointless because as an Android she could not do anything against her master for over sixty years. She tries to maintain poise and restrains herself from cursing but can't help recollecting profanities after her time with Maddie and Nano. She calls Willow Lee and informs her that Soman is repaired, and they should resume tailing Milo. She declares a full scale war to bring down Nano.

Milo panics after dozing off during his nightly after-class study sessions because he has his finals the next day.