Chapter 031 is the thirty-first chapter of Nano List.

Appearing CharactersEdit

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San leaps back as Soman nearly stabs her in the chest. Soman draws out a chain and reaches out for Milo to lure San. San tries to defend her young master but gets slammed on the ground. Soman proceeds to bind and gag San. Milo walks up to Soman and threatens her with a brick to let San free. Chacha arrives and camly tells him to accompany her if he is worried.

Nano rushes back to where she had left San and Milo only to find evidence that a fight had taken place. After looking for them at the school she returns home hoping to find them but is dissappointed. She calls Milo who is sitting in the back seat of a car with Chacha. Chacha orders him to answer the phone.