Chapter 032 is the thirty second chapter of Nano List.

Appearing CharactersEdit

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Nano threatens to kill Chacha over the phone but the latter laughs it off. Chacha instructs Nano to follow the guide who will arrive for her the following morning or else she would dispose off San and throws the phone out of the car. She reveals details of Maddie's suicide and the serial android assault case to Milo. Milo finds it all difficult to believe as androids are supposed to be incapable of harming humans. Chacha finds his premise daft and tells the driver to stop the car. She draws out a gun and kills the driver to prove her point.

Nano decides against waiting till morning and start by destroying one MSA building at time. She hopes that damage of such scale would draw out Chacha and the Chairman so that she can kill them as well as the androids who come after her. She contemplates living like a runaway thereafter and marrying off Milo in a foreign country with pleasant weather. However, her plans contradict the last order given by her master which was to live a normal life with Milo. She comes back to her senses and curses Dr. Ahn for abandoning her.