Chapter 033 is the thirty-third chapter of Nano List.

Appearing CharactersEdit

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An MSA Android comes to receive Nano and escorts her to an abandoned MSA Air defence facility. Nano is led to a large room with a high ceiling and instructed to keep going straight towards the exit. Just as the door behind her is shut, Nano gets shot at from several guns that emerged from the walls above her. Chacha, who is watching the scene along with Milo and her bodyguards explains that the bullets are being shot at six times the speed of sound, something no Android can dodge. Milo is horrified and screams at her to stop the firing, something she brushes aside as incapable of scratching her. The smoke clears to reveal Nano landing safely. She angrily breaks one of the cameras and contemplates destroying the building but decides otherwise.

Nano opens the exit door to find dozens of Androids that are used for battle marching in her direction. She realises Chacha's intention of scaring Milo by compelling her to use her powers and rushes past them, killing them at a speed too fast for Milo to see and sticks out her tongue at the camera on the other end. Irritated, Chacha tells herself that Nano will not be smiling for long.

Dr. Ahn greets Nano after she opens the next door.