Chapter 034 is the thirty-fourth chapter of Nano List.

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Nano angrily approaches the Android that was created to replicate her deceased master. 

Milo and Chacha continue to watch from another room. Chacha tries to scare Milo by asking him whether someone as normal as him can live with  Nano now that he has witnessed the destruction she is capable of. She slaps him across and gleefully assures to leave him alone if he hands her over to MSA.

Although livid, Nano simply walks past Dr. Ahn's look-alike Android. The latter expresses her surprise since she had expected to be killed. Nano turns around and demands to know why she did not try running away. The Android replies that she finds it ironical that Nano, the most dangerous military Android ever created, was mingling with civilians at their peril but was questioning her when she was fulfilling the purpose of her existence even if meant dying there. Nano rushes back and knocks her on the forehead. She yells at her to stop spouting nonsense with Dr. Ahn's face and that she was nothing like the Doctor. She declares(with expletives) that her master wanted her to live an ordinary life so she was not a weapon anymore and certainly not an MSA Android, but an expensive present for Milo's 17th birthday. She warns them to leave her alone and leaves for the exit.

Milo rejects Chacha's proposal. He tells her that although he was scared, he will try living with Nano because despite her flaws, his sister was exceptionally intelligent and must have had her reasons to entrust him with Nano. He adds that, since she needed him alive to control Nano, she was showing him her destructive capabilities hoping that he would hand her over. Chacha losses her temper as she recounts that Dr. Ahn decided to kill herself just after inventing the perfect weapon, and five years later when she expected to finally own Nano, she lost her to a nobody like him. She agrees that there is nothing she could do to him, but she couldn't care less if his housemaid Android was reduced to dust.

Nano opens the door and enters a room where San is held in shackles.