Chapter 035 is the thirty-fifth chapter of Nano List.

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Nano and San are surprised to see each other and discover that neither knows where Milo is. Nano notices that it is a dead end and wonders what Chacha is upto. San explains that she was separated from Milo, and Soman was responsible for her state as Nano breaks her free. Just as they prepare to leave, a cluster of Nano particles release from Nano.

Chacha tells Milo that she may not be in a position to harm him, but she could not care less if his housemaid Android is reduced to dust and warns him that he soon re-think his decision to not hand over Nano to her. Crimson Vine enters the room with a newly repaired hand and Milo recognises her from their encounter at the library. Chacha introduces her as an MSA android who can control other androids and orders her to proceed with their plan. She instructs her assistant to restraint Milo. Milo watches in horror as Nano breaks off San's limbs against her own will. Chacha reveals that five years ago she had employed hackers to copy the Nano List technology and had killed them after they failed, but they had suceeded in hacking her motor control system. She further explains that although Nano's system was too complicated to be taken over, Crimson Vine could send signals to the computers located in the facility and since this only worked within a short range, Nano had to be brought there.

Nano gauges one of San's eye balls and crushes it. She deduces that Crimson Vine must be responsible and breaks down.

Suddenly, Milo stops resisting and some black smoke releases from his body.

Elsewhere, Chacha reveals to Milo that five years ago she tried to copy Nano by employing