Chapter 036 is the thirty-sixth chapter of Nano List.

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The story shifts to a flashback of Milo when he was 12. He remembers the surgery he had. San tells him that he 'Fell out of bed'. He found that hard to believe, since he was hospitalized for around two months. He recalls that he was unconscious for the first month. San told him that he wasn't in any serious condition, but Milo thought she only said so as to not worry him, but he suspects that he was in a serious condition. The story then cuts back to the present where Chacha's bodyguard mentions that there was something wrong with Milo and also about a 'Black smoke'. Before he could finish however, a black powder can be seen forming at Milo's hands, which corrode away at the bodyguard's hands. Chacha and Crimson Vine watch in surprise as more of the black powder form all over Milo's body, as he remembers San being attacked and destroyed by Nano. Crimson Vine and Chacha wonder what was happening, and the latter mentions that the 'Black Powder is almost like...'. Before she could finish, Milo lunges at her and she kicks him out of reflex. Yet again, surprised at the new developments, she suddenly notices that her limb where Milo grabbed starts breaking apart and she falls down in pain. More and more of the nano machines form around Milo, and Chacha's personal bodyguard, Ilta, calls a 'Code Red' and orders everyone to evacuate. The rest of the bodyguards are called in to prepare for firing at Milo. However, Chacha orders them to stop, get rid of their weapons and take him in without hurting him. Noting that he's only human, Ilta aims at Milo's neck to knock him out, only to have his hand destroyed by the nano machines. Chacha notes surprised that this was the same 'Automatic Defense System' that Nano had installed in her. Milo slowly picks himself up, and proceeds towards Crimson Vine. As everyone watches wide eyed, Crimson Vine shouts at him, questioning herself about how he has nano machines, since he's human, and his injuries and bleeding are proof of that. Chacha signals her bodyguards to hold. Crimson backs away frightened, as Milo grabs her and the nano machines utterly obliterate her without a trace. As Milo seemingly calms down, Chacha looks at him with a psychotic and ecstatic manner.