Chapter 038 is the thirty-eighth chapter of Nano List.

Appearing CharactersEdit

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Nano is aghast as she recognizes the brutalised person before her is Milo from his bone structure and irises. When she tries to reach out to him, the Nano particles emanating from his body scar her. She is taken aback to learn that his sister installed something inside his body in addition to the laser. She notices the Nano machines were spreading everywhere and even the walls were beginning to crumble, and Milo was getting hurt. She concludes that in this state, she was the only one who could survive around him. She deduces that she since it was impossible to install the complete Nano List even in the most advanced Androids, this was just a defence mechanism that destroyed everything upon activation. Nano concludes that the trigger should be stress and that Milo must have seen San getting destroyed. Nano breaks down and blames herself. However, she gathers herself realizing that she was not a burden dumped on Milo but served a purpose: she was the only person capable of relieving Milo from the mental and physical stress in the given situation by making him lose consciousness. She activates her Nano particles and proceeds through to knock him out.