Chapter 039 is the thirty-ninth chapter of Nano List.

Appearing CharactersEdit

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Nano worries after knocking Milo out but the latter does not respond.

About two months later, Maddie Ahn's former colleague, Paul Lee, is seen in a car with an unknown woman. He looks at the readings of a monitor in the dashboard and realizes that the Nano machines have stopped. His companion asks whether Milo is alive and offers to call 911 after Paul Lee affirms. She tells him that luck has favoured them. Paul Lee undertakes to make the call and speculates that Milo must be seriously injured.

The scene shifts to a hospital room. Milo wakes up with a startle and asks for San. Paul Lee rushes in and introduces himself. Contrary to popular belief, Dr. Ahn's team had not been killed; she had asked her team to take a vacation before killing herself and the team members drifted away after that. Paul Lee reveals that Milo recovered speedily due to the Nano machines. Milo is shocked to learn that two months have passed since he was kidnapped and starts frantically asking for San again. He recollects how San was ravaged and breaks down. Paul Lee assures him that there is hope for San, but first, he will need permission for discharge. He tells Milo that there is someone waiting for him.

Nano is seen waiting by the hospital entrance.