Chapter 035 is the fortieth chapter of Nano List.

Appearing CharactersEdit

Characters in bold & italics denote the character's first proper appearance.
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Milo and Nano are seen standing outside the hospital door. Milo is grateful to her for keeping guard but the memory of San's assault holds him back from interacting with her. By the time he decides to break the ice, she leaves.

Paul Lee takes Milo to his place. He informs him that he has rented space in the basement for San and takes him there. San is lying on a stretcher with several wires connecting her body to computer equipment. Milo lifts the sheet and is horrified to see sparks in her internals. Paul explains that he covered her with insulating material to prevent accidental fire and used adhesive to hold the destroyed parts together. He asks San whether she is happy to see Milo. San blinks her eye, indicating a yes. Paul tells him that her brain is fine but her body is wrecked. Milo chokes and asks him if she can be repaired and tells him to consider the people who worked with his sister. Paul thinks of someone but answers in negative. Milo draws out a gun from his backpack.