Chapter 041 is the forty-first chapter of Nano List.

Appearing CharactersEdit

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Paul Lee is horrified to see that Milo has a gun. Milo trembles as he points it at Paul and begs him to tell the truth. It is revealed that Nano had sent someone to give the backpack in which the gun was kept along with a note that Paul should not be trusted too much. Paul realizes that Milo knows how to hold the gun properly and demands to know whether he has shot someone before. He notices Milo's hesitation and snatches the gun from him. He pins Milo to the wall and tells him that he had served in the army before working for his sister where he had seen misguided children like him getting killed without anyone to mourn for them. He rebukes Milo for interfering in a fight between two androids and later getting into the car with Chacha. He tells him to worry about his own life rather than an android's. Milo is crestfallen but he maintains that San is not just any android and he will do whatever it takes to repair her. Paul gives him a reality check by saying that there was little he could do but beg for help. He tells Milo about Samuel Min, one of Maddie's colleagues and an authority in robotic engineering who could have helped them. He explains that after Maddie's death, the team dissolved and people like that were impossible to track. Milo reflects on past events and realizes that Samuel Min was among the emergency contacts his sister had left for him. He exclaims that he knows where to find him.