Paul Lee wakes up with a startle in a hospital. The nurses urge him to calm down as he tries to leave in order to warn Milo. He is surprised to find Nano by his bedside. She tells him they know that Zavi has been working with the MSA.

It a flashback, Zavi visits Milo and confesses working for Chacha. On hearing this, Milo staggers back and slams the door shut. She explains that although Dr. Min was unkind, he was her creator, and there was a time she was of use to him. Milo asks her whether the MSA had threatened him. She affirms and adds that she was instructed to implant chips that would render San different before Dr. Min regained consciousness. Milo opens the door and asks her why she was revealing everything. She tells him that she is not going to follow that order: She did not want to live with the guilt of ruining the picture she witnessed after San woke up, and she will do her best to repair San. Milo states that San is not just some android for him; if something happens to San, he would not forgive Dr. Min, but if what she said is true, he is deeply thankful. Zavi is touched by the appreciation and lets out a smile. Suddenly, a portion of Zavi's jaw breaks off.