Chapter 068 is the sixty-eighth chapter of Nano List.

Appearing CharactersEdit

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A newsreader announces that it has been three months since Jungkyu has stepped down as the President of MSA, but his position is vacant since there are forces opposing the appointment of an android as his replacement. She adds that today was the third meeting with the opposing subsidiaries.

The scene shifts to two executives in the back seat of a car. One of them is the President of MSA Chemicals. He states that it is ridiculous that an android is being considered for the chairmanship. The latter is of the opinion that his companion must have aspired for the position since the Chairman did not have any children. They reach the MSA headquarters. A blond android requests them to furnish identification. The Chairman of MSA Chemicals grudgingly complies. After they leave, Soman greets the android. The blond android is acquainted with Soman and is pleased to see that her hand has been repaired. She asks Soman for the purpose of her visit. Soman tells her that she was there to see the Chairman and adds that it was an order from Chacha. The blond android allows her to pass knowing that Chacha was close to the Chairman. However, a moment later, she realizes that the security cameras were not working. She turns around to have her head smashed by Soman. Soman apologizes to her and leaves.

Having worked for the Company for a decade, Soman was aware of the security arrangements of the MSA headquarters. She breaks the wall of the building and scales it to avoid the security android teams. She is embarrassed when a cleaning lady android sees her through the window. When she reaches the meeting room, Jungkyu is not there. It is revealed that she had a strong desire to kill him ever since he resigned since she could not have felt that way towards the Chairman of the Company she was working for. One of the Board members notice her. She breaks in and releases a nerve gas the in the room. A bodyguard android enters the room because of the noise. He is shocked to see everyone struggling for air. Soman wanted Chacha to be at the top of MSA without having to marry someone she disliked. The bodyguard android draws out a pair of guns and tells Soman that she couldn't have expected to leave in one piece. Soman agrees but resolves to take down Chacha's owner along with those opposing her candidature. She drops two bags filled with firearms and starts spraying bullets at the security. Soman embarks on a rampage.