Chapter 069 is the sixty ninth chapter of Nano List.

Appearing CharactersEdit

Characters in bold & italics denote the character's first proper appearance.
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Soman defeats the security androids and heads to the men's room knowing Jungkyu's habit of gathering his thoughts there before important meetings. The latter opens the door of his cubicle and greets Soman. He notes that her right arm is damaged. She tells him that one hand will be enough to kill him. He starts laughing hysterically. Incensed, she reaches out to kill him, however, a chainsaw severes her wrist. Jungkyu introduces Sunno Lee as his personal bodyguard, adding that she was created by Dr. Maddie Ahn and that she seldom shows herself. Soman recognizes her as the android who was cleaning the windows earlier. She is surprised that her otherwise impenetrable body is being lacerated. Soman rips off a metal beam from the wall to use it as a weapon but Sunno concludes the fight by cutting off her calves and left hand. Soman falls down as she remembers her first meeting with Chacha where she was mesmerised by her unique looks and other moments they shared.

Soman spits out something at Junkyu causing him to howl in pain. Sunno deals the fatal strike.