Dr. Maddie Ahn was Milo's elder sister. She was a leading expert in Android Production who created Nano in collaboration with MSA. Maddie was a brilliant researcher and the only one who succeeded incorporating the nanomachine manipulation program into an Android.


She has dark gray hair and pink eyes. She has been described as beautiful.


She was known to be confident, natural born genius, foulmouthed and displayed a lack of empathy towards others including Milo. However, she reflected on the devastation her creation was capable of and questioned her judgement after Milo was attacked by Chacha's Androids. She even eventually chose to sacrifice her own life to protect Milo and ensure that the Nano List technology was not compromised.

Backstory Edit

Not much is known about Maddie Ahn other than the fact that she was a good shooter and seemed to have no empathy for other people, much less Milo. It was also shown in a flashback that she discarded some of Milo's dead chicks without a second thought. And the she threatened him once as a 5 year old. After Chacha's continuous


She instructed Nano to seek out Milo after her five-year contract with MSA ended to protect him and live as an ordinary Android. Afterwards, she commits suicide in front of Nano, to protect Milo and the Nano List technology. She erases all the files and systems of Nano List.
Dr Maddie Ahn

When Dr. Maddie Ahn commits suicide.


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