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Discussion is an important part of any wiki and is used for sociable chattering as well as to discuss any improvements to a page. Discussion should be used before making major changes to articles, changing profile images, or moving a page. These rules are in regards to page comments, message wall threads and the Forums.

Page Comments and Forum Rules
No Abuse: At all. We generally accept swearing and cursing, but it will not be tolerated if targeted at another user. Zero tolerance also goes for disgustingly sexual/vulgar, blatantly racist or overtly sexist comments.
No Flaming: Try to be polite at all times to users here. Refrain from condescension, hostility or insulting other users just because they disagree with your opinion.
No Trolling: Of any kind... please... even if you feel a user has trolled, let the admins and thread mods deal with it rather than respond in kind. Trolling is basically saying things you know will incite other members until they become annoyed. You are allowed to disagree but do not deliberately bait others as it is an indirect attack.
No Spamming: If a user has asked a question and they have got an answer, there is no need to make fun of them or spam the comment section with things that contribute nothing to anything. If a discussion is over let it lie unless you want to build upon the actual topic.
Refrain From Reviving Dead Threads: This is more common sense than an actual rule, but it still needs to be mentioned. Comment chains and threads that haven't had a reply in a few months can be left alone and are considered dead; in terms of threads, they can be closed by an admin or thread mod. There is generally no need to revive an ancient thread since many who have posted may not be around anymore.
Refrain From Repeatedly Cloning Threads: If you want to post a topic then try to make an effort to see if a discussion was recently created about it as your question may have been answered there and you can also build upon an existing discussion with your own insight.
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